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Quest for the Dark Crystal
To Heal a Rupture in the Universe

 Through the lens of a powerful telescope, Walker and his tousel-haired pal, Capricious, (yes he is a rat) are pulled into the tail of a comet.  Walker and Capricious tumble and slide, discovering lands, beings, and people unimaginable.  When Walker meets Bardy, the leader of the Neejits, he truly understands that big or small does not matter at all, and that he is needed in this Quest to heal a rupture in the Universe.


Quest for the Dark Crystal is a tale of a wicked queen, a greedy sorcerer, betrayal, risk, daring, and fighting the Others who terrorize the Neejits from atop great stomping beasts, taking the little people as slaves. Walker, Capricious, and Bardy, must take back the Keeper of the Dark Crystal. Only The Ancient, the divine defender of the universe, is powerful enough to reunite The Keeper and the Dark Crystal.   Walker, Capricious, and Bardy must brave Licklacks, with teeth of burning steel, defeat the Others and get to the Sacred Meadow where the Ancient awaits before Walker can even think of returning to the Observatory.




          As this all-knowing being of the universe stood in the center of the meadow, at the center of the universe, his clothes billowed around him like golden snow.  He lifted the Silver Keeper and raised it toward the crystal.  The winds began to howl like dinosaurs being crushed.  The sky seemed to open in anger as dark clouds threw themselves at one another. 

         Bolts of lightning struck the ground in front of the Ancient.  His robe became like a ship's sails in an angry storm, his eyes turned steel gray and his woolly hair turned luminous silver.  The ground trembled and shook, trees bent to the ground, and with a mighty quake a bolt of crystal fire crashed to the ground.

         Feeling all the pain of mankind, the Ancient held the pieces together until the lightning flowed through him into these two sacred objects, making them one.  The Ancient became a translucent figure of white fire, rising from the ground, swirling amid the flames.  His hair stood out like molten silver and the brightness of the lightning lit the sky with blinding explosions that shook the universe. 

         Bardy, Walker and Capricious stood frozen in wonder.  The moon and sun both watched as the lake rose above the trees and thrashed against the shore.  The wind grew to a fevered pitch and fell on the ears of the frozen Tree Warriors deep in the dying forest.

         Bark fell in furious waves and limbs became warrior arms.  The leaves became woolly hair, and a fevered pitch, a howl of freedom poured from the lips of the tree warriors.


         At the palace, the hounds of hell fought against the silver ropes that now held them captive.  They wrestled with the ropes, lunging at each other, scratching and biting at the strands that held them.  With every bite, kick, and push, the silver ropes grew tighter.  As their intricate silver prisons shrunk, a monstrous grumble like a monster.  As each bit of silver rope held the dogs more securely, the corners of the palace were pulled as if magnetized to the center of this ugly struggle.  The palace began to crumble until it lay in squares.             The wicked queen, Kito, had no time to react.  She had been sleeping with the belief that in the palace she would always be safe and powerful. Her emerald-colored eyes opened just in time to see the first beam fall.  Then slabs of marble thundered to the floor. 

Kissed by Blue Moon 

Night Magic Falls to Earth


Parker, the littlest snowflake, is swept away from his home in the clouds by a grumpy gust of wind and lands splat on top of a human.  You might think that is no big deal, but Blue Moon kisses Parker. 


A single kiss from the magic moon turns Parker into a crystal lighted by a falling star.  He tumbles and rolls to avoid crashing into other sky magic.  Boing!  He lands safely in the hair of a little girl named Pinky Blue who is fast asleep in the snow beside her sister, where no little girls should be.


 Parker makes enough smacking, clacking, and whacking noise to wake Pinky and  Charlotte.   Parker's light does not surprise them. Before the night is over the whole family believes in the magic of the night sky.

You Are EXTRAordinary

3 E's to an EXTRAordinary Life - is an encounter with the EXTRAordinary people we meet every day and often do not even notice.  As an award-winning Journalist – I have been fortunate enough to rub shoulders with some of the most extraordinary people in the world. The ones I hold dearest are the real people, the ones living the story. The event, the facts, are only a data set, a whisper, a bit of gossip until you reveal the story, the why.  


Recognizing the "extraordinary" in others can help us see our own extraordinary and have a more the pages of this book are filled with the lives of extraordinary people.  Yet if you asked any of these people if they believe they are special, they will all say, "no."  I believe that all the facts and money in the world will never equal the internal riches gained from a fulfilling life.  

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