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Forward Thinking and Strategic Plan Implementation and Training. What story does the data tell me? What are the goals of the company? Formulating strategic action plans and teaching your employees how to implement their final plan excites me. 

Editor or Co-writer
Writing Coach - My whole life has revolved around a love for the written and spoken word. I understand how a story or a book becomes much more than a "project" for any writer.  In most cases, it seems to take on a life form, like that of a child - naughty or nice.   My goal is always to the author find his or her voice and tell the story from their perspective, experience and intent.  

"Connie Timpson is an exceptional writing coach and editor! With her help, I was able to accomplish a lifelong dream of writing a novel. With her help, I was able to turn something good into something great! She challenged me by helping me develop my characters and storyline in my own voice. She has truly made me a better writer. I highly recommend her!" Scott Leopold
Editor/Co-Writer - I am an editor with an eye for detail, passionate about bringing writing to life, teaching it to breathe, walk, and finally run.   
"I particularly appreciate Connie Timpson, my editor, who believed in the concept
and helped make it happen. "   Rick Highsmith - Squish Creativity Like a Bug
Award-winning Investigative Journalist - lived and worked all over the world.  Every person I coach gets the individual attention that helps grow his or her own writing.
Workshops -
  • Creativity and Innovation - Breakthrough Techniques
  • Writing - Everyone Has a Story to Tell/Tell Your Stories to Make a Point
  • Photography - Pictures Make the Writing Sing
  • Understanding Group Dynamics - Diverse Personalities and How They Can Work Together
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