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A Life in Words and Pictures

Writing Bio-Connie is an award-winning, investigative-television journalist, and William Benton Fellow from the University of Chicago.


Connie traveled the world, gathering stories and taking pictures. Her heart and soul are both richer, thanks to all those who shared their fears, dreams, and demands.  She is a freelance writer, speaker, author, and ardent believer that we learn the most when we listen.

Connie believes that every human being has something extraordinary about them, and a story to tell.  She believes that only landmass, and beliefs, separate us. Understanding can bridge that gap.  She lives in Jacksonville, Florida with her husband, three much-loved cats, songbirds, and tiny tree frogs providing an amusing chorus of wonder.


Connie Timpson is the author of:


 “You Are EXTRAordinary – Three E’s to an EXTRAordinary Life” (Amazon)

“Kissed by Blue Moon”- Night Magic Falls to Earth – a children’s story of believing in wonder (Amazon)

“Quest for the Dark Crystal” – To Heal a Rupture in the Universe – a tale of loss and gaining all the wonder of the Universe (Amazon)

Her personal story, “With Dignity and Grace” is nestled among the pages of a Canadian anthology. She is published in “Anti-Heroin Chic and has been published on countless TV Stations.

To learn more about being EXTRAordinary go to her Website: Linkedin extraordinary about them, and an extraordinary story to tell.

Places, People, and Their Stories

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