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I now work as an English creative copywriter for a Digital Agency and I have to thank you for that! Deeply thanks! Would love to meet and catch up again some time! Wish you well and keep inspiring people! Spyridon (Spyros) Kagkas

Extraordinary Public Speaking Tutor - Ross Adkison.  Connie is an extraordinary resource for public speaking techniques. She examines in detail the content, delivery, enunciation, body language...all elements for a successful presentation. I highly recommend her.


Client Manager 
Connie is an extremely accomplished writer and communicator. She is very skilled at communicating ideas in a professional way. Her proficiency is such that she can coach and mentor individuals in foreign countries. Connie also maintains her professional approach and positive style in high-pressure situations. Mark Peterson


Facilitator-Team Builder


Thanks for an excellent session.  Our team enjoyed connecting, communicating, and collaborating all for a good cause!


Homeland Security - The workshop was great!  Connie was an awesome facilitator!   


Writer/Coach-"Connie Timpson, is an exceptional writing coach and editor!  With her help I was able to accomplish a life long dream of writing a novel.  With her help I was able to turn something good into something great!  She challenged me by helping me develop my characters and storyline in my own voice.  She has truly made me a better writer.  I highly recommend her!"  Scott Leopold

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