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The Ancient, Guardian of the Universe, watched the orphaned boy, Walker, grow into an astute observer of the night sky. Walker’s struggle in life pushed him to grow wise beyond his years. He escaped his misery by tracking the stars and playing games with them.


When a violent earthquake ruptures the universe, the Ancient calls on Walker, and Capricious, a very smart rat, to help him heal the rupture. An unexpected comet flashes past the observatory where Walker has a scholarship to study. Walker and his new, best friend, Capricious, are scooped up by wild winds, crystals, and ice. 


The Ancient guides these two through daring adventures, challenges, and magical lands. Walker and Capricious become the heart of a cosmic struggle to save the Neejits; defeat a wicked queen, a truly nasty sorcerer, the gruesome Others; and heal a rupture in the universe.


Making the Universe whole again depends on fighting for uniting two objects long separated by evil – the Dark Crystal and its Keeper. This tale is a tightly woven plot of betrayal, jealousy, risk, daring, loss, joy, slavery, love, and strength. In the end, we come to believe that anything is possible.

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