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Write Like a Wild Child - Set Your Imagination Free

It's a Right-Brain Thing!

Creativity is a right-brain thing! We are often so busy being grown up that we ignore the vibrant messages the universe and the scene around us delivers. Let go of the left brain organizer and dazzle yourself with what comes from the right side of the brain.

It is where color inspires us, where we daydream, and where Imagination and Creativity rules. It is where your Extraordinary is fueled and unfortunately, often stored, away from the light of the serious world.

The Left Side of the Brain is our Logic Center, creating Balance. The left side looks at things analytically, helps us keep order, think logically, and helps us remember where on earth we put the keys! (It also helps reason that our Extraordinary should be kept quiet, out of the way of your logical life.)

The right side of your brain creates! It is where creativity lies dormant unless stimulated, prompted and used. (No, this is not a bunch of hooey, or junk science.) It is true. So the sooner you prompt the right side of your brain the sooner your writing can grow and take on new shapes.

In the 1960’s Roger Sperry and his colleagues concluded that - the Right vision field is connected to the left hemisphere. The Left vision field is connected to the right hemisphere.

  • Left-brain – logic.

  • Right-brain – emotions and creativity.

In the 1980’s Sperry was awarded the Nobel Prize for Physiology. Even someone who was left-brained enough to solve complicated equations, was right-brained enough to Imagine there was much more to the brain and its functions than purely logical thought.

"The great pleasure and feeling in my right brain, is more than my left brain can find the words to tell you." Roger Sperry

What passion lies still, inside your inner you? Take a look. Call your passions from the shadows of your left brain. They are likely to be trapped under a load of debris.

Throw out the debris, the negative messages, and mind control from your cautious left side. Open your internal gate to your creative right side. It is time to connect to your inner self.

It’s time to let your imagination run, run, run. Capture the feeling on paper as your newly found creative energy takes control!

No matter what you look at - a sunset, stars, an old door leaning against a tree - dust it with sparkles and let the story fall onto your page. The next time you have writer's block - take your inner wild child for a run!

Connie Timpson



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