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Imagine Like Einstein!

Albert Einstein imagined it happening. He predicted the evolution and mystery of the universe would be seen and heard as two black holes became one. 100 years later, the world is asking how he could have imagined it. Two black holes merged, sending out gravitational waves that apparently sounded a bit like a bird chirp, and scientists recorded it all.

This astute scientist was doubted on nearly every front. Even those who finally heard the chirping doubted their hero - until they did not.

Einstein is long quoted as saying that:

“Imagination is more important than knowledge.”

He has been proven right again and again.

Could What You Imagine, Make the Impossible Possible, the Unbelievable Believable, the Dreamed About Reality?

You will never know unless you let your imagination soar. How many times do we try to shut down our own, or others’ imaginations, dismissing them as daydreaming, or wasting time? Without imagination and innovation, the world becomes a dull set of statistics, rule followers and riskless thinking.

Without breaking the rules and ignoring those who say we cannot or should not try something, would we have witnessed the genius of Steve Jobs, or David Bowie? Without imagination, would we be anywhere near preventing polio, opening the door to a driverless car, or looking through the eye of a telescope that can take us into deep space?

If no one asked “What if?” Our world would be a black and white existence, lacing the brilliance of

those who IMAGINE, IMAGINE, AND IMAGINE until the world is in full of vibrant color, new ideas, and gravitational waves sounding the collision of two black holes that can now be recorded.

Few of us can be an Einstein, but most of us can create new ways of doing things at work, innovate breakthroughs in every day life, think “Different” and embrace a more magical way to look at the world. Let your imagination run wild in the universe! Who knows what we will see tomorrow or hear in 100 years. Just Imagine!

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